Work Experience

2021 — 2022

VP of Design/Product at Superlunar

New York, NY

Founding designer and product manager, leading customer discovery for a security-focused blockchain research & development team before being acquihired by Gemini.

2020 — 2021

Co-Founder at Teamcast

A product focused on digesting the mass amounts of video produced by remote-first companies, and help employees produce more useful video presentations.

2018 — 2021

Senior Director, Brand & Digital Strategy at Cisco

San Jose, CA

Led the creative team efforts for the $4B security division. Developed new Cisco Secure brand and marketing initiatives, making security the fasted growing division of Cisco.

2013 — 2018

Head of Design at Duo Security

Ann Arbor, MI

First designer/advisor to the company, let creative, marketing, and product design and grew a team of 40 designers, product marketers, animators, writers, and filmmakers.

Acquired by Cisco in 2018.

2004 — 2017

Founder at Elevated Works

Design and Development agency with a range of clients including Tesla Motors, Miramax, Sony Pictures, Odopod, Luna Bar, Clif Bar, Perrier, Herman Miller, Zara, Flavorpill

2008 — 2017

Editorial/Commercial Photographer

Select clients included Rolling Stone, Herman Miller, Zara, SKI Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, HGTV, TJ Maxx, Entrepreneur Magazine, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic Traveler, ESPN Magazine, The Wall Street Journal

2002 — 2005

Founding Designer at Catylist

Chicago, IL

Led all design, marketing, and frontend development for the leading commercial real estate listing website.

Acquired by Moody's Analytics

2001 — 2002

Senior Designer at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Chicago, IL

2000 — 2001

Product Designer at


2015 — Now
Board Chair at The A2AC (Ann Arbor Art Center)


1996 — 2000
Bachelor of Photography at University of Michigan

1996 — 2000
Bachelor of Design at University of Michigan®
Ann Arbor, Michigan